SLA 80 Executive, G-CCJJ, 10 August 2013

SLA 80 Executive, G-CCJJ


The pilot was returning to his home base at Stoke Airfield after a flight from Lydd. Making an approach to Runway 24, he checked that the aircraft’s airspeed was good, at 60-65 mph, and noted that there was a 7 – 10 kt crosswind from the right and that it was gusting, causing some turbulence. During the final phase of the landing, the aircraft suddenly seemed to “lose lift” and dropped to the runway from a height of about 15-20 ft, landing on the left mainwheel. The wheel broke off, causing the aircraft to develop an uncontrollable swing to the left. It came to a sudden halt when it struck a grass embankment at the side of the runway, collapsing the nose landing gear.

The pilot was of the opinion that there had been a sudden change in windspeed causing a loss of lift.

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Published 10 December 2014