Skyranger R100(1), G-CCBA, 22 September 2010

Skyranger R100(1), G-CCBA


The pilot commented that on the previous flight, about an hour before the accident flight, he had taken off and landed from Runway 25. At that time there was a light breeze from approximately 190°, however during the approach he experienced turbulence caused by the wind funnelling through a gap in the adjacent woods. This caused him some difficulties during the landing phase though he was able to land safely. On the accident flight, having taken off from Runway 25, the pilot planned to land on Runway 07 due to the previous difficulties experienced and the clear approach across open fields. The wind had now increased to about 10 kt. The approach was smooth, however, just before touchdown the pilot experienced a rotor from the right. This caused the aircraft to uncontrollably pitch forward onto its nosewheel which subsequently collapsed. The aircraft then came to rest inverted. The pilot and passenger vacated the aircraft uninjured with the aid of another pilot who was at the farm strip at the time. The aircraft was extensively damaged. The pilot added that the effects experienced are well known at this farm strip and in hindsight he should have diverted.

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Published 10 December 2014