Skyranger Nynja 912S(1), G-CHKG, 19 July 2013

Skyranger Nynja 912S(1), G-CHKG


Having flown from Broadmeadow Airfield to pick up a passenger at a private airstrip near Retford, the pilot then routed to Strathaven Airfield where the aircraft was positioned for landing on Runway 09. The pilot stated that the weather conditions were good, with a light north-easterly wind.

The approach was uneventful but, shortly after touching down, the aircraft became airborne again due to an undulation in the grass surface. The pilot stated that he moved the stick forward and the aircraft began to porpoise, initially touching down and bouncing before touching down again with a more pronounced nose-down attitude. The nose gear collapsed and the aircraft tipped forward and came to rest inverted. Both occupants were wearing full harnesses and no injuries were sustained. The pilot stated that he had probably landed a little too fast and his forward stick input had been a major factor. He further reflected that he should have applied additional power and gone around.

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Skyranger Nynja 912S(1) G-CHKG 11-13.pdf (171.96 kb)

Published 10 December 2014