Skyranger 912(2) 3-axis microlight, G-CDFJ, 19 December 2009

Skyranger 912(2) 3-axis microlight, G-CDFJ


The aircraft was landing on Runway 05 at Sandown. The reported wind was 7 kt from a direction of 315°. The aircraft travelled approximately halfway along the runway before touching down. It then bounced before touching down again, whereupon the nosewheel sank into the grass runway surface. The nosewheel detached and the nose landing gear leg dug into the ground, causing the aircraft to tip over. The pilot considered that the accident was caused by two factors; the tailwind component and a soft runway surface. He also considered that he should have applied full power after the initial touchdown and gone around.

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Skyranger 912(2) 3-axis microlight, G-CDFJ 05-10.pdf (165.23 kb)

Published 10 December 2014