Sky 260-24, G-KTKT, 1 November 2004

Sky 260-24, G-KTKT


The balloon was on a pleasure flight with twelve passengers aboard. The passengers were standing in groups of three, in four separate compartments within the basket. The basket is padded internally and has sufficient rope handles to assist each passenger in adopting the brace position for landing. The pilot gave a safety briefing before flight and another prior to landing, which he re-enforced with further instructions just prior to the touchdown. The passengers were instructed to face away from the direction of travel and lean against the sides of the basket compartments. The pilot reported that the balloon landed normally on the smooth surface of a farm field, but the basket toppled over after landing. A female passenger, who reported that the landing was “very sudden” and that the balloon “bumped and dragged” after landing, felt pain in her leg, which she believes was a consequence of a male passenger falling against her as the basket toppled. She was later taken to hospital by the pilot and her leg was X-rayed. No fracture was apparent, and she was discharged. However, a further X-ray examination carried out a week later revealed a fracture.

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Published 10 December 2014