SIAI-Marchetti SF-260D, N405FD, 9 April 2011

SIAI-Marchetti SF-260D, N405FD


Oaksey Park Airfield is located 1 nm to the south-east of the Kemble ATZ. It has two runways: 04/22 and 17/35. Runway 17 is normally restricted to takeoffs only. The pilot decided to land on Runway 17 after a previous discussion about its use with the airfield owner. His choice of runway was based on the wind at Halfpenny Green (the departure airfield), which was 170° at 12 kt. The pilot had not landed on this runway before and he flew a tight circuit to avoid the Kemble ATZ. An Air/Ground radio service is normally provided at Oaksey Park but was not available at the time. He selected the landing gear down when late downwind and observed a red light, which indicates that the gear is in transit, but did not check for “three greens”. The aircraft landed gear-up on the grass runway. The pilot subsequently found that the circuit breaker for the landing gear had tripped.

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Published 10 December 2014