Shadow Series CD, G-MYOS, 15 September 2011

Shadow Series CD, G-MYOS


During the flight, the pilot encountered difficulty trimming the aircraft and reported that in order to maintain straight and level flight, a higher than usual power setting and significant levels of nose-up trim were required. When reducing power in preparation for landing, the control stick became heavy and the aircraft pitched rapidly downwards. The pilot was able to maintain control until just prior to flaring, when the nose pitched rapidly up and the aircraft dropped to the ground, landing heavily. Post-flight inspection by the pilot revealed that the tail boom had collapsed. The pilot considered that a runaway trim condition may have accounted for the control difficulties encountered during the flight. The repair agency checked the operation of the electrically operated elevator trim tab and although it functioned normally when tested, the trim system was replaced as a precaution.

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Published 10 December 2014