Shadow Series CD, G-MWTP, 12 July 2013

Shadow Series CD, G-MWTP


The pilot was approaching to land at a farm strip cut into a crop of wheat in an east-west orientation. With the calm wind conditions slightly favouring a landing towards the west, he approached from the north, intending to close with the runway part-way along its length to avoid overflying a farm at the eastern end. He reported that he had performed this approach on many occasions. He planned to practise a ‘dead-stick’ approach and closed the throttle as he descended from 1,500 ft.

The pilot recalled being about 15 to 20 ft above the wheat crop and aiming for the touchdown point when he suddenly became aware that he was brushing the top of it. He opened the throttle but this seemed to draw him further into the crop, so he closed the throttle and accepted a landing in the crop. The aircraft stopped very rapidly, but remained upright, and he evacuated normally.

The pilot believes he allowed the aircraft to become too slow and flat on the approach and that tall trees to the south sheltered it from any breeze that might have been present.

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Shadow Series CD G-MWTP 11-13.pdf (172.42 kb)

Published 10 December 2014