Scintex CP1310-C3 Super Emeraude, G-BJCF, 25 August 2010

Scintex CP1310-C3 Super Emeraude, G-BJCF


The pilot had just completed his tailwheel differences training on the aircraft, having flown nine dual and three solo flights already that day. He had previously conducted 16 dual takeoffs and landings on the aircraft. He took off and flew one circuit to a full stop landing before he backtracked and took off for a short flight to the north of the airfield. On rejoining the circuit, he made an uneventful approach and touchdown; however, on the landing rollout, the aircraft drifted left. The pilot applied right rudder and the aircraft veered sharply to the right. He then applied left rudder and the aircraft veered sharply to the left and departed the grass runway. The aircraft’s left undercarriage collided with the raised edge of a concrete track to the side of the runway, and collapsed under the aircraft. The pilot considered that he may have overcorrected with his rudder inputs and lost directional control during the rollout.

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