Schweizer 269C, G-HFLA, 28 May 2005

Schweizer 269C, G-HFLA


After a short training flight in the local area the helicopter returned to Norwich Airport. Weather conditions were clear; wind conditions were gusty with a reported surface wind from 230º at 23 kt. The instructor visually crosschecked the wind against the windsock and decided to demonstrate an engine off landing on Runway 22 grass. Autorotation was commenced at 1,300 feet agl and at 500 feet agl, when certain that the landing area would be reached, the instructor fully closed the throttle. At around 200 feet agl he checked the airspeed was at his target of 55 kt and the rotor was at 490 RPM. At a low height the instructor commenced a flare, not too steep because of the wind velocity, then levelled the aircraft and cushioned the touchdown with the collective. As he did so the aircraft hit the ground hard and came to a stop some 10 to 15 metres further ahead having sustained substantial damage. Both occupants had been wearing four point harnesses and were able to vacate the aircraft unassisted, the student having sustained minor injuries. The instructor, in his report, was uncertain as to the exact cause of the accident but did suggest that windshear, in the strong and gusty wind conditions, was a likely factor. The ground slide following the hard landing was relatively short which could indicate a low forward speed at touchdown.

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