Savannah VG Jabiru(1), G-TTAT, 17 July 2010

Savannah VG Jabiru(1), G-TTAT


The pilot was flying an approach to grass Runway 24 at Stoke Airfield, Kent, an airfield with which he was familiar. The weather conditions were good but the westerly wind was reported as being gusty. The approach was flown at 50 kt with the intention of touching down a quarter of the way along the 530 m runway. The pilot stated that, at a height of approximately 10 ft, “between round-out and flare, the aeroplane stopped flying and hit the ground with a great thump.” The aircraft was extensively damaged, but the pilot and his passenger were unhurt and vacated the aircraft normally. There was no fire. In a candid report, the pilot considered that the accident was caused by his lack of experience on this type of aircraft.

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Published 10 December 2014