Savannah VG Jabiru(1), G-CFKV, 9 September 2012

Savannah VG Jabiru(1), G-CFKV


The pilot reported that he was taking off from his own airstrip in fine conditions and with a south-south-westerly wind of 4 or 5 kt. The airstrip was orientated east-west, with takeoff being made to the west. The aircraft became airborne at the usual lift off point with an indicated airspeed of 40 mph. It climbed about 10 ft before the climb ceased and the aircraft rolled gently to the left. As the aircraft deviation from the centreline reached 40°, it became obvious to the pilot that it would not clear a line of trees to the left of the airstrip. He closed the throttle and made a heavy landing on rough ground.

Although the aircraft was damaged, neither occupant was injured. The pilot believed that the aircraft stalled after it became airborne with insufficient speed and was unable to climb out of ground effect. He thought that the light crosswind from the left, which would have been disturbed by the trees, may have aggravated the situation.

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Published 10 December 2014