Savannah Jabiru(1), G-CBBM, 3 May 2009

Savannah Jabiru(1), G-CBBM


Shortly after landing on Runway 24 at Southend, the aircraft was affected by a gust of wind from the right which caused it to yaw to starboard. The pilot applied full left rudder to correct the unexpected yaw, but the aircraft then yawed to the left and the pilot was unable to stop the aircraft leaving the runway on the left, downwind side. At an estimated 5 to 10 mph, the aircraft hit an irregularity in the grass and came to an abrupt halt, damaging the nose landing gear and propeller. The airport’s emergency services attended: the pilot and passenger were each wearing a lap strap and diagonal harness, and were uninjured. The wind was reported by ATC as being from 300º(M) at 11 kt but gusty. The pilot considered that the aircraft had been affected by a gust of wind, of up to 25 kt, after landing.

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Published 10 December 2014