SAAB-Scania SF340A, G-GNTF, 8 October 2009

SAAB-Scania SF340A, G-GNTF


The aircraft landed on Runway 26 at RAF Kinloss, after an uneventful flight from Edinburgh. At about 40 to 50 kt during the ground roll, two deer were seen to run in front of the aircraft from left to right, a short distance ahead. The commander applied maximum braking and steered the aircraft to the left as far as he was able without risking a loss of directional control. The deer passed down the right side of the fuselage and struck the right hand propeller. The crew brought the aircraft to a stop and, with vibration from the right engine apparent, both engines were shut down. Upon inspection, a propeller tip was found to have sheared off and made contact with the fuselage side.

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Published 10 December 2014