Saab-Scania AB SF340B, G-LGNH, 2 January 2005

Saab-Scania AB SF340B, G-LGNH


After an uneventful flight from Aberdeen to Sumburgh, the aircraft was preparing for the return journey, and was parked beside the terminal building, facing into a wind gusting up to 52 kt. After start, as the propeller condition levers were pushed forward, the aircraft pitched backwards and the tail struck the ground. Both engines were shut down and the aircraft settled back to a normal attitude. There were no injuries to the crew or passengers and an engineering inspection revealed only minor damage to a bracket on the bottom of the fuselage used for attaching a tail stand during loading. The likely cause of the accident was an extreme aft centre of gravity caused by incorrect loading of the baggage and the unauthorised relocation of some passengers.

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Published 10 December 2014