S5/2012 - EC225 LP Super Puma, G-REDW

Special Bulletin S5/2012 - EC225 LP Super Puma, G-REDW


This Special Bulletin contains information about the helicopter’s main gearbox (MGB) lubrication system and the results of an investigation into the indication of a failure of the emergency lubrication system, after it was activated by the crew. It follows publication of two earlier Special Bulletins on this accident, AAIB Special Bulletins S2/2012 and S3/2012.

This was the first occasion that the EC225 LP MGB emergency lubrication system had been operated in-service. One Safety Recommendation is made.

The investigation into the failure of the bevel gear vertical shaft in the MGB continues.

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AAIB S5-2012 G-REDW.pdf (1,380.94 kb)

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Published 10 December 2014