S2/2013 EC225 LP, G-REDW and G-CHCN, 22 May 2012

Special Bulletin S2/2013 - EC225 LP Super Pumas, G-REDW and G-CHCN


This Special Bulletin contains information on the progress of the investigation into the emergency lubrication systems and the Crash Position Indicators (CPI) for the accidents to G-REDW on 10 May 2012 and to G-CHCN on 22 October 2012. This follows the publication of previous Special Bulletins S2/2012, S3/2012, S5/2012, S6/2012 and S7/2012.

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S2-2013 G-REDW G-CHCN.pdf (868.73 kb)

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Published 10 December 2014