Rotorsport UK MTOSport, G-DWDW, 4 July 2009

Rotorsport UK MTOSport, G-DWDW


The aircraft was operating from a private field and, with the pilot, one passenger and 40 kg of fuel on board, was probably lighter than its maximum 500 kg takeoff weight. Having assessed the wind direction and speed as 120° and 7 kt, the pilot attempted to take off in an easterly direction. After a longer than anticipated takeoff run the pilot judged that the aircraft would not climb sufficiently to avoid trees near the eastern edge of the field. To avoid these he turned the aircraft left but in doing so it descended. He was also aware of electricity cables to the south of the field that would constrain his flight path if he attempted to turn right. Nevertheless, judging that the aircraft would not climb above a fence at the eastern end of the field he aborted the takeoff and attempted to turn right through 180°. The aircraft landed heavily and rolled onto its side. The pilot and passenger vacated the aircraft without injury and righted the aircraft to avoid fuel spillage. The pilot stated that the wind direction changed after his initial assessment such that the takeoff was downwind.

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Published 10 December 2014