Rotorsport UK MTOSport, G-CGLX, 24 August 2011

Rotorsport UK MTOSport, G-CGLX


On the day of the accident the student had flown two training flights in the morning and one in the early evening before being cleared to fly his fourth solo circuit using asphalt Runway 23. The approach and initial touchdown on the mainwheels appeared normal but, as the nosewheel came into contact with the runway surface, the student reported that he felt a slight shimmy through the combined rudder and nosewheel steering pedals before the aircraft then yawed slightly to the left. The student recalled trying to apply corrective right pedal but aircraft veered further to the left before it rolled onto its right side and came to a stop. The pilot, who was wearing a full harness and protective helmet, sustained minor injuries.

In his statement, the student considered that he may have had his foot positioned incorrectly on the right pedal.

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