Rotorsport UK MTOSport, G-CGIX, 8 February 2011

Rotorsport UK MTOSport, G-CGIX


The pilot was intending to return to his farm landing strip at West Hinckley, Warwickshire. The weather was good with a surface wind of 220°/6-8 kt. The pilot taxied the gyrocopter to the holding point for Runway 28 with the rotor blades stationary. On completion of the pre-takeoff checks the pilot engaged the pre-rotator and accelerated the main rotor to 200 rpm. Due to other traffic in the circuit and the aircraft behind his being ready to depart, the pilot elected to do a rolling takeoff. As he made a left turn to enter the runway, he again engaged the pre-rotator and opened the throttle at which point, the rotor blades struck the tail fin. The pilot concluded that the combination of low rotor rpm, a crosswind and possibly an aft stick position caused the rotor to flap-back and the retreating blade to strike the tail. In future he would line-up on the runway and stabilise the correct rpm before commencing the takeoff.

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Published 10 December 2014