Rotorsport UK MTOSport, G-CGGV, 5 June 2011

Rotorsport UK MTOSport, G-CGGV


The gyroplane was departing from Runway 03 at Culbockie Airfield, Inveness. The takeoff weight was 489 kg, which was within the maximum permitted takeoff weight of 500 kg. The weather was CAVOK, with a light and variable wind from the north, northeast, with occasional stronger gusts. The pilot had previously operated from the airfield and the takeoff appeared to be normal. As the gyroplane began to climb, a left turn through approximately 90° was made, in order to avoid some trees on the extended centreline. As the turn was commenced, it was not possible to maintain the climb angle, and the rotor blades contacted the top of a tree. The pilot made a controlled descent into a clearing, but due to the lack of space, this resulted in a heavy landing. The nose landing gear detached, the underside of the pod was damaged and the flailing rotor struck and dislodged the rudder. From the evidence of witnesses, who observed the departure, the pilot concluded that there had been a strong gust of wind, which had veered through some 90°. This placed the gyroplane downwind and resulted in the loss of climb.

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Published 10 December 2014