Rotorsport UK MT-03 gyroplane, G-CFCG, 6 March 2010

Rotorsport UK MT-03 gyroplane, G-CFCG


The student had already completed seven successful solo circuits on Runway 14. The surface wind was from 120º at 4 to 6 kt. On the eighth circuit he initiated a glide approach from 1,000 ft. The landing was long and the round-out slightly high, causing the aircraft to lose airspeed. It bounced after touchdown and began to roll to the right. The student applied power to go around, but then lost control of the aircraft. It yawed left and rolled onto its right side, causing the rotors to strike the runway, and slid along the runway on its right side for approximately 12 m. He shut down the engine before vacating the aircraft. The student had not flown for several months and had completed a dual check with the instructor earlier on the day of the accident. This had included glide approaches and crosswind takeoff and landing practice in light winds. He was judged to be sufficiently accomplished to fly solo.

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Published 10 December 2014