Rotorsport UK Calidus, G-HTBT, 17 April 2011

Rotorsport UK Calidus, G-HTBT


During the landing ground roll, the pilot moved the cyclic control forward and leant forward to apply the rotor brake. The gyroplane rolled onto its right side, skidded forward while rotating to the right, and came to rest after turning through 180°. After the pilot and passenger had established that they were both unhurt, the aircraft was removed from the runway and associated debris was cleared away. The normal landing technique is to hold the control column aft until the gyroplane stops. In this event, moving the control column forward appears to have induced a rolling moment to the right which caused the rollover. Regulations applicable to this accident state that pending the arrival of safety investigators or consultation with the AAIB, no person shall move the aircraft except where such action may be required for safety reasons or to bring assistance to injured persons. These regulations can be viewed via the AAIB website at under ‘Guidance and regulations’. The AAIB will provide guidance to individuals reporting an occurrence.

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Published 10 December 2014