Rotorsport UK Calidus, G-CGLY, 20 May 2012

Rotorsport UK Calidus, G-CGLY


The gyroplane was on a local flight from Perranporth, on Cornwall’s north coast. Only the pilot was on board, and the weather report, obtained from Perranporth Airfield, gave a northerly wind of 12 kt, good visibility and broken cloud at 3,500 ft with no significant weather.

While flying on a northerly track back towards Perranporth, the pilot flew a 360° steep turn, during which he experienced a loss of engine power. He selected an attitude for straight and level flight and identified a field ahead in which to make a forced landing. The pilot did not see that there were small power lines running across the near boundary of the field. During the approach the gyroplane struck the power lines, causing damage to the main rotor mast fairing, but subsequently landed safely.

The gyroplane was returned to the manufacturer for assessment and repair. The engine performed normally under test and no faults or conditions were found which could have contributed to a loss of engine power.

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Rotorsport UK Calidus G-CGLY 09-12.pdf (225.67 kb)

Published 10 December 2014