Rockwell Commander 112TC, G-SAAB, 22 August 2005

Rockwell Commander 112TC, G-SAAB


The pilot reported that he approached the airfield in squally conditions and became distracted by the weather. He lowered the flap in stages as he turned onto the final approach, but did not carry out the downwind or final checks, and did not lower the landing gear. The aircraft touched down with the landing gear retracted, sustaining damage. The pilot vacated the aircraft without difficulty and there was no fire. The aircraft was not fitted with any landing gear warning system, and although there was a placard in the cockpit referring to a ‘Red, green, blue’ check (a final check of the position of the red mixture control, green landing gear indicators and blue propeller control), the pilot did not carry this check out either. The pilot commented that the majority of his flying experience was on aircraft with fixed landing gear, and whilst this may have contributed to his omission it did not explain why he failed to complete routine checks.

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Published 10 December 2014