Rockwell Commander 112B, G-BFPO, 25 November 2011

Rockwell Commander 112B, G-BFPO


The aircraft was on its first flight after maintenance to the right main landing gear microswitch. The pilot had cycled the gear in flight satisfactorily and was on approach to land. However, on selecting the gear down, only two greens lights illuminated. Believing that the microswitch on the right main gear had shifted, he continued with the landing. After touchdown the aircraft’s nose dropped, allowing the propeller to contact the runway and the pilot noticed that that it was the nose gear green light that was not illuminated. He applied full power and took off again with full flap, with some vibration. The flaps were retracted and the engine rpm was reduced in the climb out. The pilot cycled the gear twice and obtained three greens, before landing without further incident. Airfield fire service personnel, who had seen sparks during the initial touchdown, attended and the runway was searched and cleared of debris.

The pilot considered that the recent maintenance to the right gear had caused him to think there was a problem with the right gear, when in fact the problem was with the nose gear.

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Published 10 December 2014