Robinson R44 Raven, G-ODHG, 1 December 2005

Robinson R44 Raven, G-ODHG


The pilot was preparing to hover taxi from his parking area on the western side of Sywell Aerodrome to collect an instructor on the eastern side. It was the first occasion in his limited experience on type that he had lifted off with full fuel. The helicopter was parked adjacent to other helicopters on the parking area. The pilot tried to lift into the hover but the helicopter yawed to the left and the nose pitched up. He lowered the collective lever and landed again. On his second attempt, the helicopter once again yawed to the left and pitched nose up. As he continued to lift off the helicopter yawed and rolled to the left and the main rotors struck the ground. The helicopter came to rest on its right side.

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Published 10 December 2014