Robinson R44 II Raven II, G-MRRY, 2 May 2013

Robinson R44 II Raven II, G-MRRY


The pilot was preparing for a local flight when the accident occurred. The weather was fine and dry, with a light easterly wind. The helicopter was on a small concrete parking area adjacent to fuel pumps. As the pilot was carrying out his pre-takeoff checks, the helicopter started to yaw to the left. The pilot lost control of the helicopter and both the tail and main rotor blades struck the ground in its ensuing manoeuvre. The fuselage section came to rest in a nearly vertical position, resting on the back of the engine compartment and the rear of the skids, the tail boom having fractured and lying parallel to the ground. The pilot, who was uninjured, vacated the helicopter through the rear right cabin door. He attributed the unexpected yaw to slippery surface conditions.

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Published 10 December 2014