Robinson R44 II, G-CDJZ, 16 October 2006

Robinson R44 II, G-CDJZ


The flight was planned as part of a training exercise and the student was briefed to start the helicopter in preparation for the flight on his own. He started the engine without difficulty, but then continued with the ‘starting engine and run-up’ checklist. The final item in the checklist was to set the rotor rpm to between 101-102%, then lift the collective lever and reduce the rpm in order to check operation of the low rotor rpm warning light and horn at 97%. As the student lifted the collective lever the helicopter began to move and the student’s response resulted in violent control inputs which led to the tail boom being severed by the main rotor. The helicopter remained upright and the instructor joined the student to shut down the helicopter.

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Published 10 December 2014