Robinson R44 Astro, G-PIDG, 26 June 2010

Robinson R44 Astro, G-PIDG


The pilot followed an associate in another helicopter to a private landing site with two helipads. The weather was fine with light winds. The other helicopter landed on the larger pad, but the pilot of G PIDG felt uneasy about members of the public near the smaller one, and so positioned to land in an adjacent field. As he approached his aiming point, the low rotor rpm warning activated, and the helicopter landed heavily. The pilot applied collective pitch to lift into a hover, but the helicopter rolled onto its right side (it is possible that one skid had dug into the ground during the landing) and sustained substantial damage. The occupants vacated without injury and there was no fire. The pilot reported that he had not visited the landing site before, and had felt somewhat unprepared as he made his approach. He added that he had gripped the throttle too tightly prior to touchdown, and had probably overridden the engine governor, causing the reduction in rotor rpm. He stated that he intended to undertake further dual training with his instructor before flying solo again.

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Published 10 December 2014