Robinson R22 Beta, G-TTHC, 14 February 2009

Robinson R22 Beta, G-TTHC


The helicopter was being flown by a student pilot in the circuit on a solo consolidation exercise. The weather conditions were good although conducive to carburettor icing. During the downwind leg, the main rotor blades struck and severed the tail cone and the helicopter fell vertically into a field fatally injuring the pilot. The investigation established that it is probable that following the pre-takeoff magneto checks, the ignition switch was set at the L (left) magneto position. The left magneto then failed causing the engine to stop. The rotor rpm decayed and the rotor disc tilted rearwards allowing the blades to strike the tail cone.

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An addendum was published to this Bulletin Report in the December 2009 Bulletin.
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Published 10 December 2014