Robinson R22 Beta, G-JWFT, 16 November 2006


The pilot had been on a short local flight and was returning to land at a private landing site. The weather conditions were good with a light westerly wind of 1 to 2 kt. The pilot made a successful approach and hover taxied to land on a raised deck area but as he completed the landing the tail rotor struck a wooden trestle at the edge of the deck. The tail rotor was damaged and the helicopter spun around several times above an area of sloping ground to the south-west. The pilot tried to avoid touching down on the slope but as he attempted to manoeuvre the helicopter away it struck a wooden post. He then landed the helicopter alongside the wooden deck area. The helicopter remained upright and he was able to vacate through his side door. The pilot considered that he should have given closer attention to the surrounding area prior to the landing.

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Robinson R22 BETA, G-JWFT 04-07.pdf (204.36 kb)

Published 10 December 2014