Robinson R22 Beta, G-CHZN, 6 January 2012

Robinson R22 Beta, G-CHZN


The Robinson R22 helicopter, was flying from Manston to Fenland. Near Ely, witnesses on the ground saw it pitch and roll rapidly, the two main rotor blades separated from the rotor head and the aircraft fell to the ground. The pilot was fatally injured.

The accident was caused by main rotor divergence resulting in mast bumping, the rotor blades striking the airframe and rotor blade separation. The report includes Safety Recommendations, to the EASA and the FAA, that refer to the certification requirements for future light helicopters, to reduce the risk of ‘loss of main rotor control’ accidents.

Download report:

Robinson R22 Beta G-CHZN 02-13.pdf (13,521.19 kb)

Published 10 December 2014