Robinson R22 Beta, G-BYTD, 13 October 2004

Robinson R22 Beta, G-BYTD


Having taken off from a small airport the aircraft had been flying at 2,000 feet amsl for approximately ten minutes when the pilot descended to 1,600 feet amsl. On levelling off the aircraft began to yaw to the left and right and, unable to find a cause, the pilot attempted a forced landing in a nearby field which lead to a fast run on landing, destroying the aircraft. The temperature and humidity in the area at the time were conducive to serious carburettor icing, regardless of the power set, should insufficient carburettor heating be applied. Whilst the pilot had applied some carburettor heat it is doubtful that this was sufficient, especially during the descent, and that carburettor ice had resulted. The yawing movement was caused by the fuel governor’s attempt to maintain power with the carburettor ice build up.

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