Robin R2160I, G-WAVT, 19 September 2009

Robin R2160I, G-WAVT


The student pilot had completed two satisfactory dual circuits with his instructor to Runway 36, in good weather conditions and light winds. The instructor then briefed him to fly two more circuits on what would be his second solo flight. The first circuit was uneventful but during the landing after the second circuit the student flared too early and levelled the aircraft several feet above the runway. The subsequent landing was hard and the aircraft bounced back into the air. The aircraft bounced twice more before finally touching down and departing the runway, coming to rest on the grass to the left of the paved surface. The student pilot was unhurt and was initially unaware that the aircraft had suffered any damaged. On instructions from the fire crew who attended the scene, he shut the aircraft down and vacated it normally. The nose landing gear and propeller had been damaged and the engine had been shock loaded. There was no fire.

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Published 10 December 2014