Robin HR200/120B, G-WAVA, 31 March 2006

Robin HR200/120B, G-WAVA


The student pilot was to on her third solo flight and was practising some visual circuits. The wind was 230º/20 kt gusting 27 kt. After landing the aircraft bounced slightly. It then bounced to a height of approximately 10 ft, most probably as a result of a gust of wind. The aircraft then landed heavily on its nose wheel. The pilot stopped the aircraft on the runway, before shutting down the engine before vacating it uninjured. The pilot could not recall what inputs, if any, she made on to the control column after the initial bounce. Her instructor believes that she initially over controlled on the control column, pushing too far forward and then pulling back slightly before the final landing. Inspection by the repair agency revealed that the nose landing gear leg and propeller were bent. The firewall and the underside of the left wing near the left undercarriage leg had been creased. The engine had been shock loaded.

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Published 10 December 2014