Robin HR200/120B, G-BYSG, 9 February 2010

Robin HR200/120B, G-BYSG


The pilot was making an approach to Runway 33 at Sibson Airfield in turbulent wind conditions. The wind was from 360° at 12 kt. The aircraft encountered sink late in the approach and the pilot did not apply the throttle quickly enough to counter it, with the result that the nose gear struck an airfield boundary fence. The fence was approximately 40 m from the white markings that denote the threshold for Runway 33. The aircraft touched down on the grass runway and the nose gear collapsed. The pilot, who was uninjured, believed that the aircraft had lost height due to wind shear. A flying instructor at the airfield recalled that there was a shower in the area at the time of the accident, which may have contributed to the difficult wind conditions.

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Published 10 December 2014