Robin DR400/180 Regent, G-CBMT, 6 April 2009

Robin DR400/180 Regent, G-CBMT


The pilot had already performed a go-around from his first approach to Runway 04 at Cromer having judged the approach to be too high. The wind was 10 kt from 100º. Runway 04 has a slight dip halfway along its length and slopes down towards a railway line embankment. The second approach was satisfactory but the aircraft touched down ‘fairly long’, although the pilot still considered the distance remaining to be acceptable. However, after the initial touch down, the aircraft become airborne again and the subsequent touchdown was on the downslope of the runway with insufficient distance in which to stop. The presence of the railway embankment and power cables on the airfield perimeter precluded a go-around from this position and the aircraft overran the end of the runway, coming to rest in a ploughed field. All the occupants were uninjured.

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Published 10 December 2014