Robin DR400/160 Chevalier, G-BKVL, 22 July 2008

Robin DR400/160 Chevalier, G-BKVL


During taxi along a grass runway a sudden wind gust or bump caused the aircraft to veer to the left. The pilot reacted instinctively by applying right rudder pedal and applying pressure to the ‘toe brakes’. However, the aircraft was equipped with a hand brake instead of toe brakes so no braking action occurred. The right pedal correction proved to be excessive and the aircraft veered 30° to the right. Before the pilot could correct the right yaw and apply the hand brake, the right wing leading edge hit a barbed wire fence at the runway’s edge. The wire cut through the wing leading edge and acted as a rail, preventing the aircraft from being turned to the left. The propeller then struck the barbed wire and the engine stopped. The pilot carried out his shutdown checks and vacated the aircraft.

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Published 10 December 2014