Replica SE5A, G-BMDB, 22 April 2006

Replica SE5A, G-BMDB


The aircraft, which is not fitted with a park brake, was parked with chocks in place on the grass at the side of Runway 23. The pilot started the engine and set the engine rpm to a slow idling speed. The operation of the airfield does not allow aircraft chocks to be left on the grass so the pilot removed them from the aircraft’s wheels and carried them to an area where they could be left. On turning back towards the aircraft, the pilot saw that it was slowly moving from the grass to the tarmac runway. On reaching the tarmac the aircraft started to turn in a circle. The left wing tip touched the ground and, when facing east, which put the aircraft in a crosswind position, it tipped onto its nose. The pilot, in a frank and honest statement said that in his assessment the accident was the result of his rush to get airborne before the airfield’s ATC opened. This resulted in him not tightening the throttle friction nut sufficiently which allowed the throttle to vibrate towards the open position.

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Published 10 December 2014