Reims Cessna FRA150M, G-BFGX, 27 January 2005

Reims Cessna FRA150M, G-BFGX


After being given clearance by ATC to taxi from holding point R1 to hold Q, the student pilot in G-BFGX taxied behind a Boeing 747 which was stationary at holding point R1. Despite a request from ATC for the Boeing 747 to remain at idle power, which was acknowledged, ‘GX passed close behind the Boeing 747 and was blown on to its left wingtip, before turning clockwise through 180 deg. and striking the right wingtip and propeller on the ground. The aircraft was then blown on to the grass, where the student pilot shut down the engine. As a result of this and previous events, the CAA intend to publish guidance on the hazards of engine efflux on the ground in a future edition of GASIL, and will provide similar guidance with an appropriate amendment to the Manual of Air Traffic Services Part 1.

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G-BFGX-4-05.pdf (607.94 kb)

Published 10 December 2014