Reims Cessna FR182 Skylane RG, G-NOCK, 20 October 2009

Reims Cessna FR182 Skylane RG, G-NOCK


The aircraft was on approach to Cambridge Airport. When the pilot selected the landing gear down, the gear down green light did not illuminate. The control tower confirmed that the nose gear had not deployed. The pilot followed the emergency procedures in the Pilot’s Reference Handbook, which included use of the hand pump, but was still unable to deploy the nose gear. He made a MAYDAY call and landed on Runway 10, which is grass. The aircraft settled onto its nose, resulting in damage to the propeller and forward fuselage. The pilot was unable to identify why the nose gear failed to deploy, but intends to have the nose gear actuator overhauled and to replace the hydraulic hoses.

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Reims Cessna FR182 Skylane RG, G-NOCK 05-10.pdf (210.62 kb)

Published 10 December 2014