Reims Cessna FA152, G-TAYS, 22 January 2005

Reims Cessna FA152, G-TAYS


The intention was to carry out a touch and go landing on Runway 07 at Fife Airport. The approach and landing, into the reported 5 kt northerly wind, appeared normal. However, during the ground roll the pilot felt the aircraft yaw to the left and so he delayed the retraction of the flaps and applied right rudder in an attempt to maintain the runway centreline. Shortly afterward the flaps were retracted and full engine power was applied; immediately the aircraft yawed more violently to the left. Full right rudder was applied, but this caused the aircraft to lurch and in fear of the right wing dropping and losing control of the aircraft, the pilot aborted the takeoff. He slightly released pressure on the right rudder pedal and closed the throttle. The yaw continued and the aircraft departed the paved surface onto the grass to the left of the runway. After travelling a short distance, the aircraft nose landing gear struck a ridge, causing the aircraft’s nose to rise in the air, before pitching downwards and damaging the nose gear. This allowed the propeller to contact the ground. After coming to a halt, the uninjured pilot shutdown the aircraft and made his exit unaided. The pilot later commented that the yaw was more than he would have expected from the usual engine torque and propeller wash during a ‘touch and go’. However, a subsequent examination of the aircraft did not reveal any defects which could have accounted for the left yaw.

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Published 10 December 2014