Reims Cessna FA152 Aerobat, G-LEIC, 19 May 2011

Reims Cessna FA152 Aerobat, G-LEIC


Shortly after departing Leicester Airport, while climbing through about 1,700 feet, the engine suddenly lost power. The pilot reported that all engine indications had been normal until the engine rpm suddenly dropped from about 2,450 rpm to a near idle rpm. He tried pumping the throttle and this produced brief bursts of power of up to 2,400 rpm but it was insufficient to maintain level flight. The pilot made a successful forced landing into a field but during the ground roll the nosewheel hit a furrow causing the nose gear leg to separate and the aircraft to invert. The examination of the engine by the aircraft maintenance organisation did not reveal any evidence of an engine fault or fuel issue. The fact that the pilot was able to momentarily regain some power by pumping the throttle suggested that the accelerator jet in the carburettor was functioning and that this fuel was reaching the cylinders. This raised the possibility that there was a fuel delivery problem from the main carburettor jet and this caused the initial loss of power. The damage to the carburettor prevented it from being rig tested.

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Published 10 December 2014