Reims Cessna F152, G-IBRO, 3 March 2005

Reims Cessna F152, G-IBRO


The training flight was to commence with a demonstration, by the instructor, of the procedure for an engine failure after take-off (EFATO) using touch drills only, with the exception that the carburettor heat would be operated and the flaps extended. The student, who was sitting in the left seat, was pilot flying (PF) for the take-off and the instructor took control during the climb out. The demonstration then commenced when the aircraft was at about 700 feet above airfield level (aal). The instructor closed the throttle, selected the carburettor heat to ‘hot’, carried out the touch drills, announcing each item out loud, and selected full flap as the aircraft descended towards a field he had nominated. The instructor then commenced a go-around, however the engine did not respond. The instructor operated the throttle twice more and checked the correct setting for the mixture control, without success. He transmitted a MAYDAY call and carried out a forced landing into the ploughed field he had nominated. The aircraft bounced about 10 feet into the air, landed again on its nose wheel, flipped forwards and came to rest inverted. The crew exited the aircraft through the doors having sustained only minor injuries. The aircraft was extensively damaged but did not catch fire. Subsequently the student informed the instructor that he had switched the ignition switch to OFF during the EFATO touch drills. It seems that after the briefing for the exercise, which the instructor described as comprehensive, the student, who was at a very early stage of his flying training, was still unclear about the intended procedures during the flight.

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Published 10 December 2014