Reims Cessna F152, G-BHNA, 13 October 2005

Reims Cessna F152, G-BHNA


The pilot had planned to depart on a local flight from Breighton Airfield. The weather conditions were good, with broken cloud at around 2,500 ft. The surface wind varied in direction between 360º and 040º at 7 to 8 kt. The pilot carried out his pre-departure checks and after checking the windsock lined up on Runway 11, a grass runway 852 m (2,795 ft) in length and 45 m (148 ft) width. As the aircraft accelerated along the runway the pilot applied into wind aileron and right rudder to counter the crosswind. The aircraft started to lift off and as it did so it yawed to the left then touched down again; it was now heading towards the side of the runway. The pilot closed the throttle but before he could commence braking the aircraft left the side of the runway and went into a ploughed field. The nose pitched down and the aircraft flipped over coming to rest upside down. The pilot and passenger were not injured in the accident and were able to evacuate the aircraft unassisted. The pilot ascribed the accident to the effect of a crosswind gust just as the aircraft lifted off the ground.

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Published 10 December 2014