Reims Cessna F152, G-BHDR, 1 August 2006

Reims Cessna F152, G-BHDR


During a cross country flight below cloud level the engine began to run rough and then lost all power. The pilot attempted to restart the engine without success so he prepared for a forced landing on the ridge of a hill. While manoeuvring for the landing he continued to try and restart the engine. Eventually the engine started but it ran rough and produced insufficient power for the aircraft to climb. So the pilot extended full flap, shut off the fuel, turned off the master switch and then reduced the aircraft’s speed towards the stall and stalled the aircraft onto the upward slope of the valley. The left wheel touched down first followed by the nosewheel and then the aircraft flipped upside down within 5 to 8 metres of the touchdown point. The pilot was able to exit the aircraft through the window unassisted. No examination of the aircraft was carried out, but carburettor ice formation was considered a potential cause of the engine failure.

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Published 10 December 2014