Reims Cessna F150M, G-HIVE, 5 September 2010

Reims Cessna F150M, G-HIVE


Airfield, the student pilot carried out a further four successful solo landings on Runway 12. The weather was reported as clear, with a wind velocity of between 12 and 14 kt down the grass runway and 10 km visibility. The pilot reported that his fifth solo approach and flare appeared normal but, on touchdown, the aircraft bounced twice before finally landing heavily on the nose wheel, distorting the engine frame; he was uninjured. His instructor was unable to transmit on a radio in time to advise a go-around. The pilot reported that he may have touched down on a bump in the grass runway causing the aircraft to balloon and, despite several attempts to regain control, did not prevent the heavy nosewheel landing. He further stated that he should have gone around as he had been instructed, and has since undergone further training on go-around procedures.

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Published 10 December 2014