Reims Aviation Cessna F150L, G-BBTZ, 9 March 2006

Reims Avistion Cessna F150L, G-BBTZ


The aircraft deviated from its intended route when the pilot encountered deteriorating weather conditions. Having become lost during the deviation, the pilot re-established his whereabouts with the assistance of the Distress and Diversion cell and was met by a Search and Rescue helicopter which was dispatched to guide the aircraft to an airfield. The pilot was concerned that his aircraft contained insufficient fuel for the flight to the proposed airfield, however, and on sighting a large area of clear sand beside Holy Island elected to land there instead. The crew were uninjured and the aircraft, which was undamaged, was recovered two days later. The investigation found that weather forecasts available prior to the flight indicated that the flight could not be conducted under Visual Flight Rules at all points along the intended route.

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Published 10 December 2014