Rans S6-ESD Coyote II, G-MYDK, 6 July 2010

Rans S6-ESD Coyote II, G-MYDK


The aircraft took off from Runway 26 at Bockenfield. The wind was from 270º at between 10 and 12 kt, visibility 20 km, cloud scattered at 3,000 ft amsl and the temperature was 17ºC. Although the before takeoff power checks and the takeoff itself were normal, the climb rate seemed to the pilot to be lower than normal. On reaching 250 ft agl, the pilot turned the aircraft right through 90º at which point the engine “lost power”. The pilot reported that he selected the most suitable landing area available noting that its orientation meant he would have to make a downwind landing. Following touchdown the aircraft ran towards the fence at the far end of the field. The pilot managed to turn the aircraft away from the fence but the nosewheel buckled before the aircraft came to a halt. When submitting his report the pilot did not know the cause of the engine failure.

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Published 10 December 2014